Liz is probably once of the nicest girls you will ever meet, but also sassy. She feels strongly and deeply about everything and is passionate about most things. She will give you a huge smile and always asks how you’re doing. She’s full of inspiration, ideas and plans. Her love for creating things come across in all she does. Liz loves to take pictures of everything and can be found most weekends in the park checking on the geese. She loves one-on-one time, deep conversations, connections, and coffee. She is a woman with goals and ambition. Very self-motivated. You’ll find Liz writing and creating in her free time while listening to music or cuddling with her fiance. She values being genuine and caring over almost any other trait she can cultivate.

Things that I enjoy:

  • the universe
  • loving people as best I can
  • coffee
  • vinyl, music, watching my fiance jam out on his drums
  • tacos
  • breakfast food (waffles, anyone?)
  • breakfast burritos (I miss San Antonio!)
  • adventuring
  • art, writing, singing
  • praying
  • deep thoughts and raw feelings
  • creating
  • honesty, keeping it real
  • minimalism, not having a lot of possessions but appreciating moments and love more
  • making a difference

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